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Upcoming Events

  • Zion National Park - 2024 EARLY REGISTRATION
    Zion National Park - 2024 EARLY REGISTRATION
    Dates TBD
    Dates TBD
    Orderville, Orderville, UT, USA
    Dates TBD
    Orderville, Orderville, UT, USA
    2024 RETREAT Four days, three nights. All Inclusive Wellness Retreat in majestic Zion National Park. Experience daily yoga, hiking, guided meditation, nourishing cuisine plus much more. Activate the power of your full potential, all while experiencing one of the Worlds most beautiful landscapes.
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“No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.”- Buddha

What's included:

- 4 Days, 3 Nights stay at the beautiful Bella Vista Zion, Located in the serene east side of the park.

- All transportation to and from Las Vegas Airport and all retreat excursions.

- Daily entrance fees into the National Park.

- All meals prepared with love daily by chef Tracy including breakfast, lunch, dinner and an array of snacks provided throughout your stay.

- Daily yoga, all levels.

- Daily guided hikes with trail options for all levels.

- Sound Bath.

- Guided meditations and journal prompts.

- Opportunity to book Private Reiki Session during daily free time.

- Daily free time to explore the town and shops, relax in your room or enjoy the Bella Vista grounds. 

- A community of beautiful empowering women.

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What is the Soul Element?

We all know the natural elements of Air, Earth, Fire and Water but we believe there is a fifth element which lives within each of us. It is the element of Being or Spirit. That inner energy life source which speaks to us softly, otherwise known as Intuition.  The all knowing, all encompassing power. It is Love and we are here to help you tune in and turn up the volume.

At Soul Element Retreats we strive to spark that inner being of love. Doing the work from the inside out so all we say and do comes from a place of peace and a heart space of love. This light is being harnessed and we are here to ignite your Soul Element that it may burn brightly to illuminate not only your life but the lives of all you come in contact with.

Each retreat offers a focus on one of the natural elements, tapping into the healing energy and embracing how the connection to that element can enhance

The Soul Element.

Your Guides


Amanda Malarkey

  • Amanda Instagram

Amanda is a yoga wellness guide nestled in the Pacific Northwest and the creator of LYV Wellness.  She creates a transcendent experience with her offerings big and small, as you feel the love radiating from what she is meant to offer you here and now.  With over a decade of cultivating all things yoga and wellness, set yourself free and take a walk on the wild side to forever enhance your life.


Breanne Swenson

  • Breanne Instagram

An Energy Guide and Outdoor Enthusiast Breanne is based in Central California. She found her passions for wellness and services for others through the connection to self and Mother Earth. With an understanding for energy vibrations including sound healing, visualization, mantra, movement and nature, Breanne guides women, from all phases of life, on the journey of connecting to their Divine power and purpose.


Tracy Clark

  • Tracy Instagram

A Wellness Chef out of Gig Harbor, WA and the creator of Conscious Culinary. 

Tracy works with people to help them cultivate happiness through mindful nutrition, believing that we can improve our relationship with ourselves by improving our relationship with food.  You can hear more from the chef on The Conscious Culinary Podcast.

Why Soul Element?

Maybe it is the element of adventure and experiencing new things.

Possibly it is the element of self-care that you never get enough of or could it be the element of wonder about what this life truly has to offer.

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"The Zion Retreat was an amazing journey. It was exactly what I needed at exactly the right time. A journey inward while connecting with amazing women and testing my limits. Amanda and Breanne were amazing guides and hosts that helped me dig deep and find my truth. They are two amazing women with true gifts. This retreat was a life changing experience." -Meagan M. 2019

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"I found my purpose in life, which I am currently seeing develop and grow right before my eyes since that day on my mat.  It was the space I was in that day, created by the warm, comforting and safe energy from both Amanda and Bre, along with the other women that allowed my heart to open and hear and feel the wisdom and  love of the universe." -Tracy H. 2018


Please feel free to contact us by phone or email. Or alternatively fill in the form below, and we will get back to you as soon as I can.

PHONE NUMBER: Breanne: 805-377-4669

Amanda: 971-977-2532


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