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Grand Canyon

A Utopian Canyon Experience

The Body will Adventure through Zion’s majestic trails both on and off the beaten path. Heal & balance from fresh, Ayurvedic cuisine. Stretch and awaken in a variety of yoga flows.


The Mind will become still during guided meditation and breath work. Feel seen with non judgment while connecting with other Goddesses who care and understand. All while being inspired by the breathtaking views of Zion.


The Soul will be honored respectfully through ancient ceremony in a space created to be fully present. Ignite and deepen the understanding of yourself and connection with all things. Discover the true North of your compass in a loving and safe environment created just for you.

This experience is all inclusive. From the time you land at the Las Vegas Airport until you board your plane to depart back home all meals, snacks, beverages, tools needed to participate are completely provided for you. A packing list will also be provided a few weeks prior.

Zion Retreat
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What is the Soul Element?

We all know the natural elements of Air, Earth, Fire and Water but we believe there is a fifth element which lives within each of us. It is the element of Being or spirit. That inner energy life source which speaks to us softly, otherwise known as Intuition.  The all knowing, all encompassing power. It is Love and we are here to help you tune in and turn up the volume.

At Soul Element Retreats we strive to spark that inner being of love. Doing the work from the inside out so all we say and do comes from a place of peace and a heart space of love. This light is being harnessed and we are here to ignite your Soul Element that it may burn brightly to illuminate not only your life but the lives of all you come in contact with.

Each retreat offers a focus on one of the natural elements, tapping into the healing energy and embracing how the connection to that element can enhance

The Soul Element.

Invigorating Yoga

Hiking Adventures

Mindful Meditation

Concious Cuisine


Our Vision

Amanda, Breanne and Tracy represent a tribe of healing wisdom and love.  What are you searching for?  What is that spark that ignites the fire within and drives you towards your destiny?  We believe you will find it here at Soul Element. A wellness retreat for anyone who dreams of more.  


As you journey through our web of healing rituals and adventures, feel supported and connected to other women and Mother Nature herself. Tune in and surrender to the all encompassing love; awakening and strengthening self, family, community and the Soul Element within.

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Crystal Workshop

Reiki Energy Healing



Zion Accommodations

"Submerse yourself in the canyons of Zion. Wake up and go to bed with beautiful panoramic views."

Bella Vista Zion offers a luxurious escape. Situated on a bluff with amazing panoramic views of Zion National Park, this gated property sits on over an acre and offers the finest amenities indoors and out with a theater room, two outdoor fire pits, and two hot tubs. 

Please see our Gallery for detailed photos of past Retreats.

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"I thought this retreat was going to be a nice get away but it was so much more. It was transformational. I learned so much about myself and gained clarity on may levels. The adventure hike was an incredible experience! The variety of yoga practices were transformational; the breathing, movement, stretching and reflection time made it so well rounded. The food... oh the food was Wonderful, very much a highlight! I will be back." - Viktoria 2022

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"There were so many "ah ha", powerful, emotional, transformative moments. The highlight for me was the collective experience as a whole... the shared sisterhood with the beautiful souls that were present, the unexpected/ eye-opening savasana, the hikes with the awe-inspiring views, the meditation that brought me to tears, the knowledge that came when I surrendered." - Becca 2022

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