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Each of us at Soul Element, bring our own interests and expertise to the table, creating the opportunity to inspire others in a variety of different ways. Subscribe to our Newsletter to stay up to date on what special offerings are coming next.

New Year Vision Board Party

Hosted by Amanda, This is a great time of year to elevate your life by making some radical manifestation goals that you can see every day!  This goes far beyond a New Years resolution! Join the journey of manifesting your deepest desires for 2023.

What you'll need: A cork board, magnetic board, a picture frame or a piece of cardboard for presentation board.  Magazines / pictures that inspire you, these can be old or new.   I like to go through my favorite yoga, travel and home steading magazines and start cutting pictures and words! Or maybe you’ll print some things from Pinterest or Google search.  Scissors and glue or tape.

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Intuitive Tarot Readings

Tracy Clark is a Tarot Intuitive and provides readings that include multiple card pulls and decks.  She also does Tarot Tuesdays.  On our Instagram page, @soul.element.retreats, she does a Live at 12pm (pst) every week where she covers different aspect of Tarot and offers quick readings to those joining the Live.

Healing Vibrations

Breanne combines multiple energy healing modalities such as sound bowls and reiki to cleanse, energize and activate spaces and people.  She offers Soulful Sunday with sound healing on our Instagram, @soul.element.retreats.  Subscribe to our newsletter to learn about upcoming special offerings from Breanne or visit her site to book your private Reiki or Sound Healing session or your next Sound Bath Party.


Additional Retreats

Awakened by the Sequoias
Hosted by Breanne
April 7th - 10th, 2023
Three Rivers, CA
park 3.jpg

For ages, spiritual seekers, mystics and sages from all over the world have been called to the Sequoias. This majestic Sequoia Forest: home of the largest trees in the world is the setting for this all inclusive 4 day/ 3 night Luxury Retreat. Hosted by Breanne in partnership with Georgel Universe Healing. Awakened by the Sequoias is a retreat by healers for healers.  This is a retreat for All Genders and offerings will be in both English and Spanish.

PURA VIDA Yoga and Adventure Retreat
Hosted by Amanda
February 20th - 27rd, 2023
Costa Rica

 Take a walk in the wild side with Amanda for an extraordinary deep dive into your life’s purpose and healing and a whole lot of fun and relaxation! Allow yourself the gift of adventure, and of self discovery with this life changing yoga retreat.  

Ayurvedic Wisdom

This beautiful journey of self discovery is offered by Amanda at specific times of the year when are bodies are most in need of rejuvenation.  Learn about the 5,000 year old health system that teaches its patrons how to better understand themselves and how they are connected to everything in life.  Through nutrition, daily habits and routines, you learn about Ayurveda's complex and complete wisdom of care for the Mind, Body and Spirit.

Subscribe below to our newsletter and find out when you can register for the next one, or register for our Spring Cleanse Workshop: March 20, 2023.

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