Each of us at Soul Element, bring our own interests and expertise to the table, creating the opportunity to inspire others in a variety of different ways. Subscribe to our Newsletter to stay up to date on what special offerings are coming next.

Intuitive Tarot Readings

Tracy Clark is a Tarot Intuitive and provides readings that include multiple card pulls and decks.  She also does Tarot Tuesdays.  On our Instagram page, @soul.element.retreats, she does a Live at 12pm (pst) every week where she covers different aspect of Tarot and offers quick readings to those joining the Live.

Healing Vibrations

Breanne combines multiple energy healing modalities such as sound bowls and reiki to cleanse, energize and activate spaces and people.  She offers Sunday Sounds on our instagram, @soul.element.retreats, where she plays the bowls from stunning views.  Subscribe to our newsletter to learn about upcoming special offerings from Breanne.


Ayurvedic Wisdom

This beautiful journey of self discovery is offered by Amanda at specific times of the year when are bodies are most in need of rejuvenation.  Learn about the 5,000 year old health system that teaches its patrons how to better understand themselves and how they are connected to everything in life.  Through nutrition, daily habits and routines, you learn about Ayurveda's complex and complete wisdom of care for the Mind, Body and Spirit.

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