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Hello September! Crystals of the month

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Hello Goddesses. Breanne here, your Earth loving energy guide, offering some insights into what Crystals will enhance the energies that surround us this September. There are two crystals that spoke to me as we enter the season of transformation, when the leaves begin to change color while Mother Earth sheds the old and animals begin to hunker down in preparation for Winter. This is the time for each of us to take inventory of what no longer serves us. May it be people, habits or energies which we have out grown it is a season of shedding. These crystal will help to release anything that is anchoring you to the past so that you may live fully in the present.


As we begin to round out the calendar year we begin to take inventory of where we have been and step fully into where we are in the present moment. Sodalite is a stone that will aide you in showing up in your life as the most authentic version of yourself. It will bring healing vibrations that aide in releasing rigid mindsets and mental conditioning that no longer serve us and help in releasing fears, phobias and guilt from the past. Sodalite eliminates mental confusion which can be heightened at this time as Mother Earth shifts her seasons. This stone helps to keep thoughts rational, objective and focused on the truth amongst the blustery chaotic days. With its soothing and calming capabilities, your spirit will find peace in the strength of listening to your intuition and muting noisy outside influences.

When you feel yourself get caught up in life stressors or lost in the hustle of the upcoming Holiday season utilize Sodalite. During meditations this stone can be partnered with the mantra, "I am here, this is now and I am at peace." Place in the bedroom to provide soothing vibrations or in a common area, like the kitchen, where there tends to be a lot of hustle and bustle to exude calming energy while encouraging everyone to slow down and live in the present moment.

Clear the energies and recharge this stone under the light of the moon or with the smoke from a candle or sage bundle. Avoid placing this stone in direct sunlight for too long as it can over charge and even change it's color.


If you have been working with crystal energies for sometime now and are familiar with their abilities I would highly recommend the powerful stone Malachite. Proceed with Caution it can be toxic if used in large quantities, this is not the stone to carry in your pocket. This stone is known for its intense inner transformation. Malachite is merciless in exposing personality imperfections, outgrown patterns, blockages, and ties that must be dissolved before one can evolve spiritually. Malachite should be used with specific intention during meditations or crystal grid work. It requires you to take responsibility for your thoughts, feelings and actions. It is an excellent karmic and soul cleanser that deeply activates your souls purpose. Perfect for setting yourself up to fully embrace this season of shedding that which no longer serves you and pulling any negativity that may still be carryied from seasons past.

While life may be trying to get you caught up in a whirlwind stay tuned in with the Malachite crystal as a gateway to connecting with Earth and her healing vibrations. Practice walking meditation in nature while holding your Malachite stone and contemplate your intention for healing and transformation while affirming positive thoughts.

This is also known as the doula stone and is strong in feminine energy often utilized during pregnancy and child birth.

To periodically clear the malachite stone of this negative collection of energy, you can use another crystal, such as a clear quartz crystal, to both clear and recharge it. You can also use sage or the light of the full moon. (Do Not place Malachite in water to cleanse.)

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