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Hello September! Tarot Card Pull

Thank you for joining me, Tracy, your Concious Wellness Guide, on our flagship voyage to monthly tarot card readings. Each month we will be asking the cards for guidance on how we can properly navigate our choices to bring about the gifts and harmony we hope for in all avenues of life. Before we begin, let’s get a few things straight.

The tarot is there to offer us guidance on where we are at right now. When I begin my readings, I ask for the wisdom needed for the higher good of everyone, in the now. To simply ask what is in store for us in the future degrades our own divine freedom of choice in all matters. We are the drivers of our own destiny. There may be beautiful scenery, tempting exits and car troubles along the journey but it our own choices that dictates our destination. The cards act like a map, showing the possible avenues that could lead us to happiness or despair.

The idea of it being fortune telling stems from those wanting to make a buck off of playing into the fears of their patrons. Although popular assertion for the art of tarot, card reading is not the only avenue for sly foxes. Every gift can be manipulated for personal gain when handled from a dark intention. Let us awake to a new era where tarot is an art of guidance, helping our inner compass to point True North. And with that, Let’s Begin!

I pull 4 cards, each representing a week of the month.

Week One: Sept. 1st - 8th

XX Judgment (or Aeon) Reversed - A shift is coming but we are not ready for it yet. There is still more to learn. In the first week of this new month, stay present and open to new ways and allow for the groundwork to be laid in order to welcome this new era. As this card is part of the 22 major arcana, it speaks to a higher level of consciousness when talking about a shift. The major arcana shows us the big moves in the game of life, the big Why’s for all The Who’s and What’s of our day-to-day experiences. Trust that you are right where you need to be. A great week for the art of gratitude. Try listing 5 things you are grateful for before you go to bed each night.

Week Two: Sept. 9th - 15th

Ace of Swords Reversed - Beware of the fear creeping in over this next week. You may feel unsure about just what to think about all the new protocols for school, the new requirements for certain professions, and all the unknowns as we try to return to some kind of routine. Ask yourself, “What am I so afraid of?”. As the first card in the swords suit, it represents our perceptions of what is to come. With it upside down, this tells me there is a lot of confusion about just how to make sense of it all. A great time to get in the garden and start clipping back those plants and putting your yard to rest for the upcoming colder months. Give your worries over to Mother Earth and let her wrap you in her love, dirt and insects, all there to ground your spirit and remind you of your divine strength.

Week Three: Sept. 16th - 22nd

VI of Swords Reversed - This week is the lead up to our Fall Equinox, when the day and the night are equal. It also marks the return of the darkness as the nights begin to get longer. Do not fear the darkness but know that plans may not go…well, as planned. There may be cancellations or road blocks this week. That trip you thought you were going on may not happen or may be postponed, or the school may end up not opening or have to shut down for a bit. Do not rush the process of the healing and the safety of our current climate. (Talking about you, Covid). When you begin feeling like you can’t control anything this week, come to your kitchen pantry. You have full control in there and it is time to start cleaning out that cupboard. Fall recommends its own diet so take to the food storage, rid your kitchen of expired foods and release bad eating habits from a busy summer. This can be a great action that can not only help your organization in the kitchen but give your subconscious a little practice in the art of letting go.

Week Four: Sept. 23rd - 30th

VIII of Pentacles (or Disks) Reversed - My first thought when seeing this card was, “People need to go back to work!”. But maybe that is just me who likes to go out to eat and struggles to get a seat at the many open tables to which there are no staff to serve. As I move my own desires aside, I see a call to focus on the work we can do for ourselves. This the first week of Autumn. A time to release, just as the trees are shedding their leaves, we must also let go of those ideas and assumptions, fears and judgments, that no longer serve us. (Good thing we got some practice it the kitchen last week!). Embrace this new season with a humbled approach. Take solace in what you can do. What do you want to manifest for these next three months? Write it down. What are the choices leading to the actions that will create the life you are worthy of? Write it down.

The weeks of September begin on Wednesday, which is ruled by Mercury, the god of communication; traveling between worlds to bring the messages of the Gods to the people of Earth. In this month we may struggle to relate the outer world to our inner world. How does what we hear on the news, read in the paper or see on social media influence our day to day lives? That is where our challenge lies. The cards point to confusion and fear in the middle of the month but remember, the shift is coming. Do the work to embrace the power of your own freedom of choice. There may be division and control and limiting choices “out there” but in your home, in your family, and in your circle of friends, you can create harmony by offering love, understanding, respect and service.

Summer is coming to an end. It is getting cooler, the days shorter. It is time to go inside.

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